Our Story

Our journey began when a fashion enthusiast identified a need for unique fashion pieces in Peru. At that time, finding cute 90’s and 2000’s inspired clothes in the Peruvian market was nearly impossible. We started by creating our vintage shop, “glossytreasures_y2k,” curating vintage 2000’s pieces and selling brands like Playboy, Juicy Couture, Von Dutch, and Baby Phat.

The Peruvian market loved this new style, and we experienced high demand. Since we initially sold one-of-a-kind items, our growing community of fashion enthusiasts began requesting us to create our own fashion brand.

That’s when “Glossy Space” was born. The word “Glossy” reflects the glow, shine, and rhinestones reminiscent of the 2000s. “Space” is inspired by the famous Y2K website, MySpace.com. As its name suggests, GS is a space for all fashion lovers who adore trendy clothes and have a passion for vintage fashion without compromising on quality.

The Team


Our team at Glossy Space is passionate about curating the trendiest styles for Gen Z. We draw inspiration from pop culture, iconic 2000’s fashion looks, and the latest fashion trends to bring you must-have clothing and accessories. Our goal is to provide ready-to-wear and affordable pieces to all our customers.

Our Mission


We aim to inspire girls to express themselves through fashion, believing everyone should feel fierce, confident, and powerful on any occasion. Our designs and production processes reflect this commitment, ensuring our pieces empower you every day and make you feel like you belong in an iconic 2000’s movie.