As the next generation of fashion creators, we believe that fashion should never compromise our precious ecosystem. We know how much our consumers care about our planet, just as much as we do; that is why we have made it our mission to focus on sustainability in the hopes of making our earth a cleaner and happier place for future generations.

Try & Repeat model – Less Waste


To avoid waste due to mass production, we apply the try and repeat production model. When a new style is introduced, we only manufacture a minimal number of units, and only then, based on customer demand, we scale production to match the request. This ensures we do not produce unwanted units that cause a massive waste, like the ordinary fast fashion companies.


Use of natural fibers


Almost all of our clothes are made of Peruvian cotton. We are one of the little fashion brands that makes their tees and jeans from natural fibers. Cotton is a natural fiber that biodegrades relatively quickly, reducing its long-term impact on landfills and the environment. Polyester, being a synthetic fiber derived from petroleum, can take hundreds of years to decompose, contributing to persistent waste issues.


Polyester fibers shed microplastics when washed, which can end up in waterways and oceans, causing harm to marine life and entering the food chain. Cotton does not shed microplastics, thus avoiding this environmental hazard.

Carbon Footprint:

The production of polyester is energy-intensive and has a higher carbon footprint compared to cotton. Cotton cultivation and processing typically use less energy, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Resource:

Cotton is a renewable resource, grown annually and harvested from plants. Polyester, on the other hand, is made from non-renewable petroleum, contributing to the depletion of fossil fuels and associated environmental degradation.

By pre-ordering with us, not only do you secure the clothes you want, but you also are helping us produce more sustainably. We have created a system that allows you to order your fave items while limiting the amount of clothing we produce, which means low inventory and no wasted materials!